Mariomm_marti 's biography

Read about me to know how do I work, and some curiosities about me and my projects!


Hi. I'm Mario and I've born in Madrid (Spain), on June 21st. During my childhood, I started playing video games with my mom's computer (I remember the first one, an MMORPG). Then, at the age of 7, I received my current computer that actually has 9 years old. When I received it I was shocked about the possibilities this world, the informatic one, offers. One day, I asked my dad about how the game worked, he told me to do right click and then he showed me the source code (that in that moment was HTML3 I guess). Then I learned HTML, the basics. I was improving my techniques for years, then I started with CSS and JS, it was hard for me to develop in a really developing language (because HTML is not at all a developing language). Then I discovered YouTube and I wanted to create a basic comments system. I started learning PHP and MySQL and I thought "what an incredible and a hard world". My story doesn't end there, because more or less, at 2010 I discovered Java, thanks mainly to Minecraft. It was a shock and I started developing in Java around 2011-2012. From that date on I have been improving my developer techniques and today, I'm pleased to say that I'm an experimented developer on HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL and PHP that is still learning the amazing world of Java and the amazing world of developing. My next step is to learn C++ just to know more, my main goal in the life. Okay, I'm going to tell you something, my biggest dream right now: to travel and live in America. I love the language (because obviously I'm Spanish and my mother language is Spanish), I love the culture, the feel of being American and everything that it includes. Thanks for reading me, you can visit my projects by clicking at the top-right link "Projects".